When you think of our Animated Christmas Trees, think music! Think about dancing to the most beloved and wondrous Christmas music. Because our Animated Trees are made to music, they are a display of lights to your favorite tunes of the Christmas season. What else could be more magical than a light show on a tree, dancing to Christmas music? The trees usually start at 20’ and go all the way up to 150’. We normally ask that you have 3-5 songs for the tree to be lit to. The lights are string lights, and are hung from the tree. An ornament package can be added as well as any other type of customization that you desire. The lights are usually in 4 different colors. Light up, and dance the night away with our animated trees! With these trees, you truly are the painter of this portrait. You choose the colors, you choose the size, you choose the music, and you enjoy the ride! Whether your tree is on a lawn, or in a mall, it will enchant all who witness its magical ways! Nowhere else can you get a realistic tree that is of such high quality, paired with music and lights of the best quality. The light that are upon the tree are LED lights, in addition to having the benefit of the realistic tree, the lights have numerous benefits because they are LED lights! here are a few!

  1. They have a 200,000 hour life; roughly 23 years of holiday lights
  2. 1/10th of the consumption than that of incandescent lights
  3. The lights are 100% recyclable when their life is over
  4. The LED lights never fade! The color of the bulb is in the lens itself, not the bulb
  5. The lens is made of a polymer plastic seal system, rather than glass which break and are dangerous
  6. The LED lights are completely water proof
  7. There is no heat emitted, perfect for being around small children or foliage
  8. Sealed systems prevent people from pulling out the lamps
  9. The one light system, if one light goes out the rest will continue to shine
  10. The colors are the most vibrant in the Pantone chart!

As you can see, these trees are the apex of Christmas trees! With Winterland Inc, you know that you are getting quality, and beauty wrapped up in one amazing tree!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That must mean one of our animated videos is worth a bazillion. here are some of our favorite featuring Christmas trees using Winterland products.

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