Light Park Videos

Light Park VideosLight Park Videos

Light park videos that will make you say wow! They say is picture is worth a thousand words. That must mean a video is worth a bazillion. Here our some of our favorite lightparks and lightshows using Winterland products.

Everything we do can be custom made for different venues and events.  Winterland’s flexible and willing to accommodate your ideas as a customer. didn’t see what you had in mind please feel free to contact us at 1-800-788-9627 Monday- Friday 8am-5pm est. or email us anytime day or night at  during normal business hours. If you can dream it Winterland Inc. can build it!!!!

Winterland has such a wide variety of products to choose from we have LED lights in both standard and in commercial grade. LED Retrofits, Traditional, incandescent lights, Cordsets, plugs, zip cord, installation accessories, stakes, timers, tape, etc, trees, wreaths, garland, ornaments, gift boxes, bows, polyresin figurines, figurines, displays, plus many more. We also do custom designs so anything your need holiday related we have it completely undercontrol.

Winterland inc. has beautiful holiday decorations with the latest in cutting-edge technology. Winterland Inc. designs and fabricates, perfectly orchestrated computer controlled, animated light shows. Popular now, is the revolutionary LED lighting that can morph colors and burn cooler while saving up to 90% on electrical costs. Animation control boxes lead the industry and help keep your light show dependable and reliable. Let us show you how to bring your city scape, street scape, light park, or commercial building to life for the holidays. from custom wreaths to giant trees as large as 150 feet, from whimsical animated light parks to classy architectural holiday accents, we’ll help you dazzle your audience. So make sure to give us at Winterland a call so we can help you have amazing décor and please enjoy these light park videos

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Celebrate with Lights!

Winterland provided and assembled the festoon lighting over the road for this welcoming festivity of the battle ship USS Iowa. They are T50, LED lamps spaced 24 inch on center and warm white in color.

Christmas Visions

Winterland and Christmas Visions builds drive through light parks. We can handle everything from religious displays to unusualy sponsorship ideas.

Animated Elves

If elves are good enough to make all the toys for Santa, they\’re surely good enough to bring life to your Christmas display. Winterland is the leader in creating great displays for just about any locations.

Celebration of Lights

You want to create a drive through light park for your community but have no idea how to get the merchants involved? Winterland is the leader in creating light parks.

Gift of Lights

You want to create a drive through light park for your community but have no idea how to get the merchants involved? Winterland is the leader.

Tell a Story!

Tell a story! They\’ll remember it and tell others they have to see it. This is a simple story about the night before Christmas told with the help of Winterland lighted design pieces. We can create a custom story for you!

Light Tunnel

Want to draw people to your downtown area during the prime shopping season? Think animated light tunnel! Winterland has installed more of these light tunnels using LED based lights than anyone.

Christmas Extravaganza

Think Christmas extravaganza! Winterland helped Panama City Beach use efficient LED based lights to create a remarkable destination for those wanting to get in the holiday spirit.

Religious Themes

Winterland has a wide assortment of design elements for drive through light parks that will remind everyone what the season is all about.

Light Park Advertisement

We keep telling you Winterland has been doing drive through light parks for decades. We can even do TV commercials to advertise yours.

Drive-Through Parking Lot

Got a big parking lot sitting idle during the holidays? Winterland can fix that!

Giant Peacocks?

Winterland also does light park walk throughs for zoos. Here is one of our giant animated peacocks in action.

Winterland Light Parks

Light parks during the holidays are what lifelong memories are made from. Winterland has been creating family traditions for over two decades. Here is just a little bit of proof.

Christmas and Baseball

Winterland decorated a baseball stadium and people came from all over the state just to watch the show. Got a baseball venue sitting idle during the holiday season?

That is a Big Tree!

It is definitely a monster at 145 feet. Winterland was instrumental in lighting the largest Christmas tree in the world at the time.

What a Show!

We took the grandstands of a race track and transformed them into a dazzling light show people constantly talked about. Can we do the same for you? Just ask!

Reindeer Arch

Drive through our reindeer arch and listen to the kids marvel how a North Pole reindeer is jumping over them.

Winterland and Carolina Christmas

Don’t limit your creativity. Winterland helped a NASCAR racetrack create a dazzling entrance sign that prepped the crowds for something special while at the same time guaranteeing the guests would come back to see everything again.


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