two_hearts_background.jpgEvery year, on the fourteenth of February, people all over the world celebrate a day of love. From couples who are young, and unmarried, Valentine's Day might be a proposal. Others who have been married for 25 years use Valentine's Day to rekindle a fire, or to celebrate another year of unconditional love. Regardless of whom you are, Valentine's Day has meant something to everybody at one point. Valentine's Day as we know it, is something relatively new. Saint Valentine was a Christian Saint, who became a martyr for several reasons. The Church then began to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day, to remember the love that he had displayed towards those he came in contact with. Romans were the first ones to send out any form of parchment as a greeting card to announce affection towards another.

two_hearts_on_background.jpgChildren originally did not participate by sending a card or letter but would give symbolic keys to their heart. As you can see, Valentine's Day has always been a celebration of affection and love, and has almost always been about giving something to the one you desire. Only in the last few decades has Valentine's Day been transformed into something much more grandiose than the simple beginnings of our ancestors. Today the average spent on each person in the United States in 131 dollars. From a simple piece of paper to, in some cases, extreme monetary spending on a loved one or loved ones. Regardless of what you choose to do for Valentine's Day, the idea is and always has been driven by love. We have captured those feelings, and the celebration that is Valentine's Day in our silhouette displays. The vibrant colors of love illuminate the night, held together by American steel. The love that goes into building and creating these displays is done with care and with the universal theme of love in mind. Let these displays of love enchant your decorations!


Cupid_background.jpg Heart_on_background.jpg Lips.jpg
3_layer_heart_with_backround.jpg Valentines_Day.jpg

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