In the 17th century when our ancestors landed at Jamestown, and at Plymouth Rock, they faced a whole new world that they knew nothing about. Jamestown didn't last long at all, and the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock faced almost 70% loss at the hands of starvation, exhaustion, and the natives that roamed the new land. Battling through adversity was the price to pay for freedom. Ultimately the battle against adversity would climax in the Revolutionary War. That however, wouldn't be for another 100 years. The Pilgrims knew that the only way to survive would be to farm, so that the amount of food needed to sustain a society could be grown. The ability to do that would require the experts of the land, the native Americans. After reaching peace with the natives, the Pilgrims were able to adapt many of the skills needed to grow the crops that the natives had been growing for centuries. Because of the new found relations between the two parties, the two peoples congregated together after the first harvest in 1621.


The celebration would be called "Thanksgiving." Peace had been reached, and the Pilgrims turned their small town into a city, and more cities began to grow. The land that stretched from the northern Atlantic, all the way to the Spanish land in the Caribbean, was then split into large colonies, and the those colonies united to form these United States of America. Now some 400 years later we carry on the traditions that were created by our ancestors in search for of what we find so dear, freedom. Take the spirit of friendship and thankfulness into your Thanksgiving d├ęcor this season. Our ultra rugged silhouette frames can withstand a Plymouth Rock beating, while still shining its retro-fit LED bulbs across the night.


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