3...2...1... happy New Year! On December 31st at 11:59 the year is old, near the end, but nonetheless still alive. On January 1st at 12:00 the prior year is over, and the New Year has begun! People from Beijing, China to Marion, Indiana celebrate the New Years, but do so in very different ways. The Romans were the first ones to develop a calendar in which a beginning and end were determined by a specific date and time, rather than a season or a general time. In China celebrating the New Year is a very large event when families and people gather together for festivities. A unique aspect of the Chinese New Year is that the year is characterized by an animal. The animals range from the year of the horse, all the way to the year of the pig and the rat.


Each culture, and each region has their own way to celebrate the New Year. here in the United States we love to celebrate the New Year! Many people go out and enjoy the night with friends; others stay in with loved ones and celebrate in their own way! Every American in the Eastern Time zone is tuned into the ball drop at Times Square in New York City. When the clock strikes midnight, the ball is dropped from its lofty height, and the New Year is ushered in with a thrill of excitement! One tradition all over the world is to kiss your significant other at midnight, so that you may be with the one you love at the end of one year, and at the beginning of a new year! Regardless of what you do for the New Year, Winterland Inc. has the decorations that you need for your decorations! Whether you are integrating the New Year into your Christmas d├ęcor, or New Years is its own theme, we have the silhouette displays for you! The displays are made of steel, and created in America! Combined with retro-fit LED lights, the silhouette displays will surely bring people into the spirit of ushering in the New Year! No matter if you are in Spain, China, Italy, or right here in the good ole' USA, everyone celebrates the New Year, set yourself above the rest with the Winterland Inc. New Years silhouette displays

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