Every year on the last Monday of May no one goes to work, and people gather together to celebrate and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that freedom be forever preserved. Memorial Day originated after the Civil War, though not called Memorial Day but Decoration Day. The act of decorating soldiers graves is not something new, the act has been around for centuries dating all the way back to the Greeks and Romans. When the Civil War ended, many different acts of decorating both Union and Confederate graves occurred. Every year people began decorating the graves and having parades and gatherings to honor and celebrate those who gave their lives. It was not until after World War Two that the name "Memorial Day" was in common usage. Though there was much celebration the holiday was not uniform, and was not federally recognized. In 1967 Congress passed a law that created the holiday officially. When Congress created Memorial Day they also made the date of the holiday a permanent fixture to make Memorial Day a convenient three day weekend. Today we have many celebrations, and often times members of the local, state, and federal government will speak, and parades will be held. The act of decorating the graves of fallen soldiers did not go away either. On Memorial Day if you are ever at Arlington National Cemetery you can see each grave with a small American Flag. All around the country fallen soldiers graves will be ordained with American Flags for Memorial Day. No matter what happens though, Memorial Day will always be first and foremost a day to remember those who paid the price of freedom with their lives. Our silhouette displays are the perfect decoration for any Memorial Day celebration. Their steel frame is highly durable, and when paired with the vivid LED retro-fit lights, are a beautiful decoration piece. Light up the night, and honor those who gave their lives with the Memorial Day silhouette displays.


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