Ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks, all have been thought to be scary. here at Winterland we have turned them into family friendly, fun loving displays for the enjoyment of all! Today's halloween has become very dark, something for from a nightmare than from the simple ghosts, witches, and Frankenstein. halloween should be characterized by groups of children trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Many people remember the crisp autumn nights when they dressed up as their favorite character, scary or not. here at Winterland Inc. we wanted to make halloween fun for all, no matter the age. Our design team took many of the classic and iconic part of halloween and turned them into silhouette displays! A scarecrow that look as if it came straight from the field, to your decorations! The witches are so realistic that you can practically smell the odor from their cauldron, and feel the wind rush by you, as the witch flies by on her magic broom. A mummy whose wrapping is coming undone, but the fella can't just seem to walk straight!


There is the ghost, who is appearing over a sunset from a pumpkin. One of the most beloved pieces is a full sized haunted house. Though you can't actually go into the house, the resemblance is uncanny! The display that may be the crowd favorite is the 18' Frankenstein who sings the "Monster Mash." What else could possibly be more in the theme of halloween? Each of the displays is made of a high-quality steel. The frames are then powder coated to ensure durability for many seasons to come. Each display is then given its stunning lights by retro-fit LED bulbs. halloween doesn't have to be scary with Winterland Inc!


cat_woman.jpg Dancing_Skeleton.jpg Dog_with_Cat_on_Background.jpg
Dracula.jpg Haunted_House_on_background_Tarah_Freds_conflicted_copy_2016-09-13.jpg Mummy_with_Spider.jpg
happy_halloween_2.jpg Happy_halloween_on_background.jpg
Ghost.jpg Scarecrow_6_on_background.jpg Scared_Cat.jpg
Pumpkin_on_background.jpg scarecrow_with_Hay.jpg

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