In Pennsylvania, on the fourth day, of the seventh month in the one-thousand, seven-hundred and seventy sixth Year of our Lord, a nation in defiance to tyranny and oppression signed a document of separation from the greatest super power in the world. The United States had many obstacles to overcome before it could become a sovereign nation. Firstly, they were under oppressive rule from the most powerful country in the world. The problem that England made was underestimating us. We are a resilient people. Being told what to do and how to do it without having a say of any sorts, is was not exactly how we wanted to be treated. Our forefathers took it upon themselves to create a nation that has endured much more and much longer than anyone ever thought possible. Men like Samuel Adams, John hancock, and Patrick henry sparked the want for a Revolution in Boston, Massachusetts. Men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Edward Randolph, and Benjamin Franklin were in the background, chipping away at how to create and govern a nation in its infancy that sought freedom. Those men engendered the greatest nation that this earth has ever seen. We are an experiment, one that has been in existence since 1776.


The Fourth of July gives a chance to celebrate our fine nation and all that She stands for! Each year we celebrate in our own way. Some people lake the boat to the lake, others grill out with friends and family. The one constant in all of that though, is the fact that the people are celebrating a document being signed that turned 13 Colonies into 13 United States, these United States of America. We owe our lives and our liberty to this nation, and on the fourth we get to celebrate that freedom and liberty.


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