Go Team! Every red-blooded American loves their favorite team! From singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch, to making a run for more charcoal during an Opening Day party. We are crazy for our sports! Football, basketball, and baseball, the American three, not to mention our fervor for hockey, soccer, and tennis. Cheering on our favorite team or player has always been something that men, women, and children love to do. We want to capture that fervor in our Sports Silhouette frames. Capturing the love that people feel when their team wins in extra innings, or their favorite quarterback throws the winning touchdown. Sports capture some of our purest feelings, of competition, desire, and community. No matter where you are in the world if you shout "Roll Tide", "Go Irish", "War Eagle" someone will know what you are talking about, and many will be supporters as well.


We gather around sports like a religion of sorts, avidly searching every possibility on how our teams will fare in the season, and hopefully become champions. Whether the team is searching to be champions in the collegiate level or professional, there will always be fans there to cheer them on to victory. Support your team, and sport with one of our silhouette pieces. Show the world what your colors are, and where your allegiances lye. With our high quality LED lights, that will illuminate wherever you place them! The catch is, not just light is being emitted. So is pride, pride in your sport. Show your spirit with Winterland Inc.'s Sports Silhouettes.




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