America has a lust for speed. hot, nasty, raw speed. From henry Ford and the Model T, to Dale Earnhardt Sr. America has a passion for speed. We get excited for NASCAR, here in Indiana we get very excited for the Indy 500 every year, as well as the Brickyard 500. Every red-blooded American looks forward to the day they get their 16th birthday because that means getting a license. Every 16 year old boy waits on the moment, that on some back road, where he finally goes 100mph. It is a rite of passage for every teenage boy. For me, it was on county road 600 West, out on the county line when I went 100mph for the first time. Speed is in our blood, and when the rubber meets the road, there is nothing that can stop us. So naturally racing is a large facet of our culture. The feeling of acceleration, the pit in your stomach, the adrenaline rush that hits as hard as the accelerator. But the things that resonates the most is the transmissions shifting gears like a orchestra changing keys.


We love to race. Now imagine all the passion, and love that we have for racing, culminated into Christmas d├ęcor. here at Winterland Inc. we have the perfect solution for those seeking race themed Christmas decorations. Our silhouette frame racing themed decorations are a crowd favorite. Their durable, powder-coated, frame will stand for many years. The high quality retro-fit LED bulbs will shine brightly, casting images of racing in the name of Christmas.


Christmas_at_the_Speedway.jpg waving_flag.jpg santa_lets_go_racin.jpg



elf_with_flag.jpg Santas_race_team.jpg santa_on_harley_2.jpg


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