Who doesn't love Penguins? They're our cute from Antarctica! Penguins are an interesting bird. Birds bones are hollow so that they can fly. Penguins therefore have hollow bones, but they use their hollow bones for swimming not for flying. Penguins are exceptional swimmers, and are magical animals. During the harsh winter that the Penguins face, the male penguins do something very interesting. While the females leave to hunt, the males guard the eggs of their mate. The male penguins will place the eggs on the ground and position themselves around the egg to keep the egg safe. The males do not leave the eggs, and will forgo eating to keep their eggs safe and warm. Penguins are almost entirely found in Antarctica. Though we love Christmas here at Winterland Inc. penguins are not inhabitants of the North Pole.


Penguins have become a large part of pop culture, especially in movies. There have been several movies that have been directly, or indirectly, about penguins in the past decade. America has fallen in love with the furry little birds, and our obsession doesn't stop there. There have been several documentaries about penguins in their natural habitat in recent times. These animals are a part of the natural landscape, and will always have a special place in our hearts, whether in the wild or in your local zoo. Take the love of penguins, and the place that they have in the holiday season, and use them in your holiday d├ęcor! With Winterland Inc. you can! Our silhouette displays of penguins are great pieces for holiday, Christmas, or just the winter season! They are made of steel, and constructed right here in the USA. With the retro-fit LED lights that adore the display, the vivid colors will illuminate the night. You antarti-can't not love our penguin silhouette displays!





Penguin_Mtn_-_B.jpg penguin_skating_backwards.jpg Penguin_winterfest.jpg
Penguins_and_dunp_truck_Tarah_Freds_conflicted_copy_2016-09-13_1.jpg Skiing_Penguin.jpg

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