"For the land of the free, and the home of the brave." Those words will forever be immortalized into history, not just of this country, but for the world. America is a beacon of light in a dark world. Our flag always flies higher than the rest, and flies forever proud. We are Patriots in America, from our desire for liberty in the infancy of our nation, to our ever proud, resilient attitude, toward the defeat of those who desire tyranny from whence we escaped. We want Uncle Sam himself to shed tears of joy at the sight of our patriotic silhouettes. What is that sound in the background? A Bald Eagle screeching? A Camaro doing burnouts at Talladega? No, that's the sound of the Winterland Inc. crew making and setting up the Patriotic silhouettes. These super durable frames can withstand the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them.


Bound with heavy duty zip-cord, with LED lights to illuminate the night. These silhouettes may not have been around during the time of George Washington, but they sure do carry his spirit on! These displays have been scientifically proven to cause a person to transform from their human state into a bald eagle that flies over the greatest country in the world spreading his majestic wings that have the biceps of Walter Payton. Then after a long day supporting our troops, the silhouettes magic wears off returning you to your human state but not without leaving its mark. You have a 100% chance of returning from your bald eagle state with a mullet. Almost certainly you will want to crack open some cold ones, grab a lawn chair, crank up the Skynyrd, and bask in the glory of Winterland Inc.'s Patriotic themed silhouette displays. Don't forget friend, this is America, home to the back to back World War champs.


F-16.jpg Flag_and_Eagle.jpg Go_Army_Logo.jpg
i_love_usa.jpg Iwo_Jima.jpg Lincoln_Monument_background.jpg
Marines_Insignia_on_background.jpg Navy_Insignia_on_background.jpg Pat_mount..jpg
Spirit_of_76.jpg Uncle_Sam2.jpg Santa_Tank.jpg





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