Outer space. A place that man has always had an infatuation with. From the dawn of time the desire to leave our earthly dwellings and explore the unemployable has been an ambition of so many men and women. From "Sputnik 1" to the Space Shuttle missions of the 21st century, space exploration has exploded in the last 50 years. Some of man's greatest achievements and some of our greatest tragedies have occurred in the attempt to explore space. The joy that the United States felt when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon was unmatched. What if our love of space exploration was combined with Christmas and Santa? It would be one big adventure! Santa would probably have to harvest materials for toys on a moon rover.


Satellites would have "Merry Christmas" on them, celebrating the holiday all the way up in space. Reindeer would ride rockets. Mr. and Mrs. Clause would not take a sleigh for their Sunday stroll but they would cruise around in a hovercraft. What if Santa's workshop was in a Dome on the moon? Space and Christmas would be very different if they were combined. Where does all of this actually occur though? It occurs at Winterland Inc. Not only does it exist but it can be purchased and used for your Christmas decorations! Each of the scenes described have their own silhouette display, and are available for your use this Christmas season! Our durable silhouette frames capture the awesome expanse of space, with vibrant colors from retro-fit LED light bulbs.


Elf_and_Telescope_on_background.jpg Candy_Cane_Rocket_on_background.jpg Hubble_Scope_on_background.jpg
Rudolphs_Rocket_on_background.jpg Robot_on_background.jpg Santas_Space_Cruiser_on_background.jpg
Space_Car_on_background.jpg Space_Rocket_on_background.jpg Space_Rover_on_background.jpg
Space_Ship_with_Banner_on_background.jpg Space_Station_on_background.jpg


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