When America was polled and ask what their favorite genre of music was, there were four genres that stood out. Though there are smaller sects of music within each genre, Rock n' Roll, hip hop/R&B, Pop, Country, and Techno dominated most cities in the United States. Rock n' Roll has its roots in many different types of music, but became what it is today in the late 1940's and early 1950's. From the time that rock music was engendered, there have been countless variations of the genre. From classic rock of the 70's and 80's, to the metal rock of the 90's and today. Rock music have inspired entire movements and has captured the hearts of people from the 50's to today. Country music originally developed in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1920's. From there country music has exploded from the likes of Conway Twitty, and George Jones to Alan Jackson and George Straight and now Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.


Country music is the favorite of those everywhere, with says such as "Country's country wide" engendering from the genre. With more than 20 types of country music and its recent success, it is no surprise that country music is one of America's favorite types of music. Pop music has been a cultural hit, from its mix of different types of music style, to its superstardom of the genres most famous artists. People like Michael Jackson, Elton John, and Billy Joel who's music is as beloved today as it was when their music was released. Pop music has been the basis of trends in Pop Culture, hollywood, and fashion since its humble beginnings in the 1930's. Today's most famous artists are almost all associated with pop music. Our culture really is in love with pop music! The last of the top four is one that derives itself from jazz, and traditional music from places such as Africa, Jamaica, and spirituals from the time that African-Americans were slaves.


The sensation that is hip hop and rap music began in the Bronx, of New York City. hip hop and rap music have created not only a relatively new style and sound of music, but a culture that has an unbelievably large following. hip hop has become a cultural icon in which people from the birth of hip hop in the 70's to now, gather around in their love for the music. hip hop artists have become some of the wealthiest and most influential people in Pop Culture. Regardless of your favorite kind of music, our silhouette displays are the perfect piece of d├ęcor to show the love of music! The displays are made of steel and powder coated to ensure durability. With bright LED retro-fit lights, the music silhouette displays will light up the sky!


Ballerina_1_on_background.jpg Ballerina_2_on_background.jpg Ballerina_couple_on_background.jpg
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