How many bedtime stories started with "Once upon a time.." Fairy Tales have been a part of people's lives forever. Each child has their own favorite fairy tale. From the well known tales such as Cinderella to the regional favorites from John Francis Campbell. Fairy tales are not pieces that are specific to a certain time or season, but are applicable always and for a vast amount of circumstances. Fairly Tales were a way to capture the wonderment of being a child, while still being able to learn life lessons. In the Greek Fairy Tale "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" children learn that lying in the present may affect you later on in life. Children at first don't see the underlying theme of the story, they simply see a boy getting eaten by a wolf because he tricked his town.


After hearing the story many times, and maturing in the mind a child will hopefully recognize the tragic flaw of the characters and adhere to a life of morality as taught in the stories. Fairy Tales truly are a right of passage in many cultures, including our own. Charles Perrault wrote "Mother Goose Tales" and in it are a collection of different stories, each with their own bizarre set of events and motley crew characters. The genius of Fairy Tales is that they are able to attract children to listen to the stories because they inspire the imagination of each child. When our design team sat down to design a silhouette them, Fairy tales was a theme that could not go unnoticed. We hope to attract the imagination of children while reminding the older populations of the lessons they learned from Fairy tales. Whether the lessons were learned 20 years or 70 years ago, the message of Fairy Tales are timeless.


Humpty_Dumpty_3.jpg Jack_and_the_bean_Stalk.jpg Rapunzel_background.jpg
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