The beach is a place where everyone finds joy. Some people like to take things easy and read a book; others like to turn the notch up a little. A beach party is what it isn't. It isn't formal, it isn't uptight, it's a group of people looking to escape the world for a little while. No matter where the beach is, you can guarantee that people will be taking advantage of the hot sun, and cold drinks. People flock to the beach for all sorts of reasons, but you can always bet on that one group letting their hair down, saying goodbye to suits and ties, and having a good time. Dancing, bonfires, drinks, and most of all good times. No worries, no troubles, just the warmth of the sun, and feeling of pure joy.


The sand and the water are the only things that are stopping you from having a good time, and those are not bad at all! These feelings are captured and exuded from our silhouettes. Our beach party silhouettes are the perfect accessory for anyone who is looking to spread the beach party joy in or around their home or business. Now you don't ever have to leave the beach and joy that comes with a good time on it, with our silhouette frame displays! The vibrant colors are a representation of the good times that the beach brings. Let those feelings shine! The sand doesn't ever have to run out again, and you never have to go home as long as your silhouette frame is within sight, the memories will all flood back like the waves that come crashing in!


Crab_with_CC.jpg Flip_Flops_Hat_ball.jpg North_Pole_Beach_Party_Arch_Background_Tarah_Freds_conflicted_copy_2016-09-13_1.jpg




Pelican_on_background.jpg Pelicanl_on_background.jpg Rudolph_Diving_Background.jpg
Reindeer_bonfire_Tarah_Freds_conflicted_copy_2016-09-13.jpg sandcastle.jpg Sand_bucket_and_shovel.jpg
santa_and_rudolf_in_doombuggy.jpg Santa_in_the_Sun.jpg Santa_Limbo_part_1_background.jpg
Shell_on_background.jpg Ship_on_background.jpg Starfish_on_rock.jpg

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