Sometimes you want something more. Something that has depth, detail, and looks true to life. Sometimes 2D is not enough, sometimes you want 3D! Our 3D displays are unlike the silhouette displays because they are not a silhouette! The 3D displays are full bodied, realistic pieces that add depth to the display. We have built some amazing displays for a plethora of different places. One of the locations that we are most proud of is the Detroit Zoo. We created large 3 dimensional animals that were loved by all who came to the zoo. Because of their very durable structure the displays are able to take shape and become something more than lights and steel. The 3D displays are works of art, pieces of d├ęcor that take up space in a vivid showing of light and shape. The displays are not limited to just animals, but span across a vast expanse of different styles and colors for many different themes and seasons. We have a large 4 leaf clover that belongs in Ireland.


The potential is huge for the 3D displays. Yes, they are large in size, but they are magnificent in that they are larger than life in their display of light. The 3D displays are constructed of a steel frame. That frame is then powder coated for enhanced durability. From there the frame is wrapped in string lights to give off the brilliant color of the lights. When the process that is 100% done in the United States is complete, all that is left is a gorgeous display piece.


3D_Snowman_on_background.jpg 3D_Snowman_-_2_on_background.jpg 3D_Snowman_-_3_on_background.jpg

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