There are many different types of dinosaurs. We have evidence that there are more than one thousand types of dinosaurs. The most famous, and the crowd favorite of all the dinosaurs is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. A large reptilian monster. Earth was home to some of the fiercest predators known to roam what we call home. In Colorado, the Allosaurus roamed modern day Colorado. Tyrannosaurus Rex's domination of the land from Utah to Arizona. America is home to many of the most famous dinosaurs. In the early 19th century is when dinosaurs first became the rage to discover. The first kind of dinosaur that was discovered was the Iguanodon. They were found all over the world. Dinosaurs are something that evoke fear, and wonder in those who learn of them.


All too often pop culture tries to make dinosaurs seem one sided. Dinosaurs were not just monsters, and many more dinosaurs were herbivores than were carnivores. Dinosaurs are creatures that we can know little about, but we can let our imaginations run rampant with the idea that no matter where we are in the world, we in the home of dinosaurs. We will never see a living dinosaur, but we can see what remains of dinosaurs in their descendants alligators, turtles, and many others. Their sheer size, and power is awe-inspiring. Let your imagination run with our silhouette frame Dino themed d├ęcor this year. Don't worry about Tyrannosaurus attacks, because our ultra-rugged frames are up for whatever any dinosaur can throw (or bite) at them. Our LED retro-fit lights will shine brighter than any dino's scales.


Dino_Scooter_background.jpg Dino_Snow_Skiing_background.jpg Dinos_DecoratingTree.jpg
T-Rex.jpg Waving_Dino.jpg wooly_mammoth-B.jpg












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