Since the beginning of time, animals have walked with us. Animals have been around as long as we have, and from then until now the role of animals has changed a lot! It is rather odd to think of the first person to milk a cow, or goat. The first domesticated dog must have been a weird thing to see. Yet today we look at dairy cows, and domesticated dogs as something normal. Animals are in so many different facets of our lives, it is hard to imagine a world without animals. We use animals for their products, from food to medicine, animals provide us with essential needs from their production. We raise and eat animals to meet the need of food. We use animals for pleasure, whether it is a visit to the zoo or having a dog, cat, lizard, snake, or a horse for a pet. Animals are used for competition, people who use horses and dogs for racing, or who use hogs and cows for showing at FFA, or 4-h events.

Kangaroo_and_Joey_on_background.jpgMany people hunt animals for sport, and to provide food for their families. Animals are all over the place, and are used for countless purposes! Some of our most beloved animals include, elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, pandas, and polar bears. Everyone, regardless of age has a favorite animal. With so many different types of animals, it's a pretty tough choice to just pick any animal! Knowing that all people love animals, our silhouette displays are the perfect decoration for anyone, anywhere! They are constructed using a steel frame and look like your favorite animal! With the LED retro-fit light, these displays are sure to be a crowd favorite, and the favorite for any animal lover!


Camel_on_background.jpg Colobus_Monkey.jpg Dolphins_with_ornament_on_background.jpg
Monkey_on_a_Vine.jpg narwhal_Whale_on_background.jpg Penguin_Family.jpg
Polar_Bear_and_Cubs.jpg Sea_Urchin_Teal.jpg Seal.jpg
Sitting_koala_on_back_ground.jpg Snow_Lepoard.jpg Vulture_1.jpg
Tiger_Cub.jpg Wolf_1_2.jpg Butterfly_5_on_background.jpg









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