Some people want to celebrate with decor that is not something contemporary. Some people enjoy the decor of days old. Christmas has been celebrated since 354A.D. Many traditions that are beloved by people all over, are traditions that are centuries old. Traditional Christmas is the end all of end all in the Christmas world. No matter what Christmas has become, or what Christmas will become, Traditional Christmas will always be a focal point of the lore that is the Christmas holiday. From poinsettias to the Christmas Carols of old, sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Isaac Watts wrote "Joy to the World" in 1719 and it is still a beloved song that can be heard all around during Christmas.


Traditionally decorations were not nearly as elaborate as they are today, there was into a flurry of snow and celebration? Traditional Christmas truly is a thing of beauty and nostalgia. No matter what your theme is, Traditional Christmas will always have a place in the heart of the Christmas season. Take the idea of a Traditional Christmas and incorporate it into your decor this season. Winterland Inc. has the perfect way to display the theme of Traditional Christmas, in silhouette displays. They are made of steel and have LED retro-fit lights on them to shine the beautiful colors of a Traditional Christmas into the night. have holly jolly Christmas, with the Traditional no theme, there were no lights, but there were bells, harps, poinsettias, and mistletoe were displayed all throughout homes and buildings. Let us not forget the place that Old Man Winter has in the world of Christmas. Who else would blow us Christmas silhouette displays!



Poinsettia_Pot_2.jpg Detailed_Noel_on_background.jpg Dog_in_lights_2.jpg
Happy_Dragon.jpg Hot_Air_Ballon.jpg ice_tees.jpg
Jingle_Bells_on_background.jpg Old_Man_Winter_3.jpg snowblobe.jpg
The_Grinch_and_Max.jpg Votive_Candle.jpg Trees.jpg



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