Every year millions of people will adorn their homes and offices with nutcrackers. What originated as a simple device to break open a holiday snack, turned into a lifelike figure, and now has become so much more than a soldier who can function as a nut breaker. One man can be accredited with turning the nutcracker from an anomaly, to an iconic piece of décor. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikosky. One man penned the most famous ballet of all time, turning a trivial piece of décor, into a staple of the classic Christmas theme. The Nutcracker ballet is the most famous of all the ballets, transcending a minute lifespan as a Russian ballet, into international super-stardom creating a phenomenon that has lasted over a century. Though The Nutcracker was written in 1892, and has withstood the sands of time. Without Tchaikosky who knows what a nutcracker would be in today's society, let alone if it even would be in our society.


To capture the essence of all that the nutcracker is to Christmas, one must not only see the nutcracker as a tangible tool, but as a representation of the heritage, prestige, and tradition that the nutcracker holds. It is a mighty task to truly represent all that a nutcracker is to Christmas, especially in decorating. At Winterland Inc. we have taken on the challenge to design marvelous silhouette displays that represent all that the nutcracker is, while still being functional and beautiful displays. The Nutcracker silhouette displays are wonderful way to spread Christmas joy, and the feeling of tradition as one has Christmas visions. Silhouette displays are constructed of steel, and when they are lit with retro-fit LED bulbs, the nutcracker Christmas will shine brightly! From the Sugar Plum Fairy to the love of ballet, celebrate the nutcracker in the right way!


Nutcracker_2.jpg Nutcracker_6_2.jpg Nutcracker_7_2.jpg
Nutcracker-1.jpg Nutcracker_9.jpg Nutcracker_5_2.jpg



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