Whether one is celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just celebrating the holiday's there is one thing that remains the same. Those holidays, and celebrations are all in winter. Though this is a large world, with many different ecosystems, winter is usually characterized by snow. Snow can be described in one word. Magical! Fluffy billows of clouds spewing snow from their core. From the first snowfall of winter and the hearts that it captures, to the snow storms that make sledding, skiing, and snow activities available. Snow is always synonymous with the winter season. Within the bundles and copious amounts of our favorite part of winter, are snowflakes. Part of what makes snow so majestic is the uniqueness of each individual snowflake. No two snowflakes are the same. Snowflakes are each individually created in the cloud, and fall at separate times.


A cloud may create snowflakes like a factory, but the snowflakes are far from being cookie-cutter assembly line objects. From the time that the autumn season fades out like the clock of nature, and the winter season is ushered in like a bride in her wedding, snowflakes are made in the clouds. After Mother Nature decides that it is time for winter, the show begins. Like the rain falls in the spring, like sun rays fall in the summer, and like leaves fall in the autumn, snow falls in the winter. In the random dissension, there is order. Snowflakes are majestic in their manor, in their secrets, and in their magic like ways. Just like clouds create snowflakes, our production team here at Winterland Inc. create snowflakes. Our snowflakes though are not for falling, they are for displaying! The snowflake silhouette displays are a wonderful way to display the magic of snow, and of the first snowfall. No matter if you are in Los Angeles, or Kennebunkport, our snowflake silhouette displays will convey magic to all who witness them. The displays are made of steel and are adorned with retro-fit LED bulbs to bring out the pureness in each snowflake display. Make magic rain down like the first snowfall of winter with our silhouette displays!





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