Do you want to build a snowman? Those immortal words are ushered from children and adults alike each winter during lots of snow. Each snowman is different and each snowman has its own personality. There are big and small snowmen, and each one could be tall of short. Snowmen are what the person building them want them to be. Snowmen have been a staple of winter activities forever. No one knows the exact time period in which the first snowman was created. We do however know that children would build snowmen during the medieval times! Snowmen are a way for children to create something, explore their abilities artistically, as well as show expression through the snowman. Parents and their children often times bond over building a snowman and giving it unique features on its face.


Often times the expression of a snowman as well as its personality come from the face. The face of a snowman is customizable depending on what you have on hand. Fruit and vegetables are often the paint on the easel of the snowman. The most common face of a snowman is coal or stones for the eyes and smile, and a carrot for the nose. From there snowmen are often gives sticks for arms and have scarves or hats places on them. In our silhouette displays we have included many of the great features that snowmen have. The lineup includes snowmen playing football, dreaming of a winter wonderland, skiing, and even talking with Santa Clause! The silhouette displays are made of steel and with their LED lights, they are sure to bring out the best snowmen have to offer! Whether you're 5 or 50 you are sure to reminisce of the snowman you built this season or many Christmas's ago!


Frosty.jpg Juggling_Snowman.jpg Sledding_Frosty.jpg Snowman_Campfire.jpg
Snowman_Dad.jpg Snowman_Mom.jpg Waving_Snowwoman.jpg Waving_Snowman.jpg
Frostys_Jalopy.jpg Waving_Frosty_bg.jpg Snowmen_Family.jpg
blowing_snowman.jpg Frosty_Bowling_on_background.jpg


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