Imagine a world full of candy. Gumdrops fill the trees, chocolate runs in the river. A world where everything is candy. You're neighbors are Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread, and their dog Sugar cookie. A beautiful sunset of lemon drops is the background of your house each night. This world is magical, and full of sweetness. Never again will you have a sweet tooth, but from now on it will be discovering this new world and all of its yummy goodness. A red licorice forest awaits you trek. An expedition through the desert of sugar, more like a "dessert" of sugar! The Candyland display is full of color! One of the most attractive features of the display is the number of moving parts! Many of the displays offer realistic movement of the display. Candy canes moving off of a conveyor belt, elves working a switchboard.


Utilizing all the different colors, schemes, and bulbs allows for the displays to be ever changing! One of the available options is the more human displays. Gingerbread people living their daily lives but in the wonderful Candyland! Gingerbread men doing cartwheels, and gingerbread men and women playing soccer! The whole display is one fun, vivid, mesmerizing displays that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy! The displays are made of high quality steel, and welded together. The durability of the frame is astonishing! Each frame is also made right here in the USA! Paired with retro-fit LED bulbs to illuminate the night sky, the Candyland displays are a hit wherever they are, From California to New York!



Candy_Cane_Company_2.jpg Candy_Cane_Tarah_Freds_conflicted_copy_2016-09-13.jpg Candy_Cane_Machine_2_Tarah_Freds_conflicted_copy_2016-09-22.jpg
Candy_Spray.jpg SWEET_TRUCK.jpg
GINGERBREAD_TRAIN.jpg Gingerbread_Trampoline.jpg hershey_kisses_on_background_Tarah_Freds_conflicted_copy_2016-09-22.jpg
Lillipop_and_Gumdrops_Tarah_Freds_conflicted_copy_2016-09-13.jpg Simple_Gingerbread_House_On_Background.jpg


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