Are you searching for a way to decorate your home or business, while utilizing the most of your dollar? At Winterland Inc. we are aware of the current demand for beautiful Christmas lights, but we are also aware that sometimes budgets are only so much and that decorators need to make their dollar go far. We have created silhouette displays that appear to be peeking out of a pre existing building, tree, or other structure on your current property. The secret of how we make the dollar go far is that instead of building the bottom half of a deer, elf, Santa Clause, etc. we build that top half to immolate "peeking" out from an object. Now instead of breaking the bank decorating, you can now purchase many "peeking" displays that require no new structure to build on, but can be tailored to fit pre-existing object such as a tree, your own building, and just about any fixture you have! Just because the pieces are only half the size of full silhouette display, does not mean that are not any less magnificent. Each piece can be placed on a roof, or to the side of a building to show Christmas cheer. So not only are you stretching your dollar, but you are also getting extremely high quality Christmas d├ęcor, that will be sure to please all who see them. The displays are made of steel, and when fit with their lights, will be a magnificent showing of color and unique design. Once the frame is complete, the retro-fit LED bulbs are put on the frame and the display is complete. Enhance your visual display without breaking the bank, with Winterland Inc.'s peeking silhouette displays.


Peaking_Clarice.jpg Peaking_Crystal.jpg Peaking_Frosty.jpg
Peaking_Gril_Frosty.jpg Peaking_Hermey.jpg Peaking_Hinkel_-_Frosty.jpg
Peaking_Reindeer_1.jpg Peaking_Reindeer_2.jpg Peaking_Reindeer_3.jpg
Peaking_Rudolph.jpg Peaking_Santa.jpg Peaking_Yukon_Corneilious.jpg

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