Choosing the perfect kind of mounts for your display can be difficult. Sometimes the name of the mount can be confusing as well. Don't worry, we are here to explain every kind of mount that we offer on our display pieces. Pole Mounts are an option that tend to be a bit smaller in size. Each display is between 2 and 6 feet in size and are specifically built to be mounted to a pole, light post, etc. These displays are not meant for the ground, but meant to be hung for their placement. These displays are classic, in that they are in small towns and big cities all over the world. Building Mounts are much larger in size. Building mounts are a great way to express logos, or Christmas d├ęcor without losing space due to the display itself. The mounts are anchored with hooks that are bolted to the building. No matter if there is wind, snow, or Christmas blizzard, the displays are not going to be damaged because of falling. Roof mounts are much different than the previous two types of mounts.


These are held by a flat bracket that can be held down by bolting or by a physical object such as sand bags or other heavy items. The roof mounts are not anchored down like building mounts or pole mounts, but are more free standing and have a guy wire attachment to secure them more tightly. These displays will shine high and bright above your business. The last kind of mount that we create in house here at Winterland, is the ground mount. The ground mount is the quintessential display frame. These are meant for the ground, unlike the previous three ground mounts are anchored by themselves. They have 2-3 stakes that are stuck into the ground and hold. They are each beautiful displays, and can each be utilized by any company big or small that wants to decorate with displays.


Chick_in_Egg_on_background.jpg Heart_on_background.jpg Horseshoes_on_background.jpg
Wreath_with_Pink_Bow.jpg Poinsettia.jpg Rose_bud_on_background.jpg
santa_on_fish_on_background.jpg Shamrock_on_background.jpg Shell_on_background.jpg
two_hearts_on_background.jpg Pelican_on_background.jpg

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