Custom Services

Custom services are what we do best!

You’ve been given the task to create  custom services for an over-the-top Christmas display for your venue or you simply have an idea for something different from or you simply have an idea for something different from anything else out there.  That’s the easy part.  Don’t forget the issues of building, installing, maintaining and storing your decorations.  Where do you go?  Winterland, of course.

Custom Services

Ice Rink with Animated tree and Benches

If you want to add something truly unique to your community, allow us to design the silhouette frames appropriate to your environments as well as the needs of your sponsors.

You can start by sketching something on an old cocktail napkin (though we would prefer something a little nicer, if possible.)  Give your ideas to our design department and watch them bring your simple concept to life.  Ready?  Contact us now.

So now you have an incredible display and the community is raving about it in ways that make you so incredibly proud.  You’re already thinking about what you’re going to do for next year.  Don’t forget you need to take down and store everything from this year’s light park.

What Custom Services can Winterland do for you?

  • Installation:  you and your staff already have too much to do.  Winterland’s professional installers put up and take down decorations for a living so they know how to make your life easier.
  • Leasing:  Don’t want to buy everything up front?  Leasing is an option many take advantage of.
  • Refurbishing:  Got a display that has seen one-too-many Christmas seasons without maintenance?  We can breathe new life into a dated display and make it almost as good as new so you can get plenty more years of use.
  • Designing:  Know you want great decorations but have no idea where to begin?  Winterland keeps a staff of creative and award winning designers in the offices year round.  They can’t wait to make you look great.
  • Storage:  Love the decorations but don’t have the space to store them during the off-season?  Winterland has warehouse locations scattered across the country and can store your prized decorations to free up space at your facility.
Custom Services

Traditional – Night Before Christmas Scene

Winterland has storage space spread across the nation   Most people don’t realize how harsh the winter climate can be on all the pieces of your light park.  By taking everything down as soon as the season is over and storing things in a weatherproof area, you’re guaranteed many years of service.

Winterland also provides a refurbishing service for all the pieces of your light park.  During the off season we go over every light, silhouette, animation device and wire replacing worn out pieces and making sure everything is working as advertised.  This type of preventive maintenance not only prolongs the life of your light park but also makes setting up for next season faster, easier and cheaper since no time has to be spent fixing the broken items from last years hurried teardown.  Ready for Custom Services?  Contact us now.

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