Victorian Village

Victorian Village

The Victorian period formally begins in 1837 (the year  Victoria became Queen) and ends in 1901 (the year of her death).  As a matter of expediency, these dates are  sometimes modified slightly.  1830 is  usually considered the end of the Romantic period in Britain and thus makes a  convenient starting date for Victorianism.   Similarly, since Queen Victoria’s death occurred so soon in the  beginning of a new century, the end of the previous century provides a useful  closing date for the period.

The common perception of the period is the Victorians are  “prudish, hypocritical, stuffy, [and] narrow-minded” This perception is (as most periodic  generalizations are) not universally accurate, and it is thus a grievous error  to jump to the conclusion that a writer or artist fits that description merely  because he or she wrote during the mid to late 19th  century.  However, it is also true that  this description applies to some large segments of Victorian English society,  particularly amongst the middle-class, which at the time was increasing both in  number and power.  Many members of this  middle-class aspired to join the ranks of the nobles, and felt that acting  “properly,” according to the conventions and values of the time, was an  important step in that direction.

Another important aspect of this period is the large-scale  expansion of British imperial power.  By  1830, the British empire had, of course, existed for centuries, and had already  experienced many boons and setbacks.  Perhaps  the most significant blow to its power occurred in the late 18th  century with the successful revolt of its 13 American colonies, an event which  would eventually result in the formation of the United States as we now know  it.  During the 19th century,  the British empire extensively expanded its colonial presence in many parts of  Africa, in India, in the middle-east and in other parts of Asia.  This process has had many long-term effects,  including the increased use of the English language outside of Europe and  increased trade between Europe and distant regions.  It also, of course, produced some  long-standing animosity in colonized regions.

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Woman Pulling Sleigh



Cutting a Tree


Wagon With Two Horses

Village Arch




Newspaper Boy

Open Carraige with Horse

Couple Dancing



Boy on Sled

Skating Couple

River Boat

Bell Ringer



Raggedy Andy

Old Victorian Scene

Man Standing with Ski

One Horse & Carriage

Man on Sled

Man Pulling Sled with Dog

Ice Trees


Downhill Skier

Cross-Country Skier

Chestnut Vendor


Large Ice Trees



Man Decorating and Woman with Latern

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