Under the Sea

Under the Sea

“Under the sea. Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me. Up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun they slave away. While we devoting full time to floating. Under the sea.” Take a deep breath and join us in an underwater playground full of wonder and amazement. These under the sea silhouette displays can be custom made for different venues and events. We have many options to choose from but creating a custom design is never an issue you just have to give us a call and tell us what you have in mind. All of our displays come standard with Minleon C7 retro-fit lamps,  however, if you would still like the traditional incandescent lighting Winterland flexible and willing to accommodate your ideas as a customer. didn’t see what you had in mind please feel free to contact us at 1-800-788-9627 Monday- Friday 8am-5pm est. or email us anytime day or night at sales@winterlandinc.com  during normal business hours. If you can dream it Winterland Inc. can build it!!!!  At Winterland Inc. we take pride in having the best quality control for our holiday displays. Before a display can be shipped, it must go through a five point quality control check. This insures our customers are getting the best possible product available in the industry today. 3/8″ cold rolled steel frame. 7 stage power chemical cleaning, power coated, and baked for a long lasting exterior finish. Lighting is attached with plastic adhesive electrical tape and plastic zip ties. Our animated controllers are attached directly to the frame and we use only the finest controllers available.

Surf Boards

Sting Ray

Starfish on Rock






Shell 1

Shell 2

Shell 3

Shell 4

Santa Surfing

Santa Pulled by Dolphins

Santa on Jet Skii

Santa in the Sun

Reindeer in Boat

Santa and Rudolph in Doombuggy

Palm Trees

Rudolph Fishing

Under the Sea - Reindeer in Hottub

Sand Bucket and Shovel

Lobster Arch

Reindeer Bonfire


Jelly Fish

Lighthouse on Rocks

Crab on Rudolph

Flip Flops, Hat, ball

Clam Shell

Fish 1

Fish 2

Fish 3

Fish 4

Fish 5

Fish 6

Jumping Dolphin

Under the Sea - Crab with Candy Cane

Crab with Candy Cane

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