Drive-Through Light Show

Light Shows where do you start?

It sure would be easier if you could go to the library, check out a book on how to assemble a light show, go to the local store to buy a few Christmas decorations and then throw everything up in about an hour.

If this was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Let’s first get everything in perspective.  A drive through light show becomes part of many family traditions.  It makes for great holiday memories so people want to repeat those good feelings each year.  A great light show creates great memories.  People will tell others and your traffic will increase every year.  A cheap or very small light show will never get that word of mouth advertising.

Great drive through light shows require careful planning, setup and implementation.

Where do you begin?

The first step is to determine the location.  Easy to find with simple access is key.  Many localities use an existing park since it is already well known and has roads with parking already built and well established.

Great light shows do consume power.  If you’re using incandescent lights, a couple of orange extension cords from the big box store won’t do it.  You need to be thinking about needing hundreds of amps of power.  If sufficient commercial power is not available, generators will need to be rented.  If you use LED lighting technology, significant power is not needed (think only 10-20% of what an incandescent display consumes.)

Setup time should not be underestimated.  A great drive through light show can be assembled in just a couple of weeks but we recommend having access to the property four weeks ahead of time to allow the staff to go in and do final planning before mobilizing the workforce.  Depending on your venue, scissor and/or knuckle man-lifts will be required for reaching high places.

You’ll need to man the ticket gate as well as have people patrolling the park during show hours.  People have a tendency to get out of their cars and wander into places they shouldn’t so it pays to have a friendly voice asking them to get back with the others.

Security is highly suggested after hours depending on the venue.

There is a certain amount of maintenance involved after the light park is set up and running.  Lights do go out, extension cords get yanked out of the plugs or GFCI’s trip off-line.  Someone with an elemental sense of electricity can easily do any maintenance.

Drive through traffic will drop of significantly the day after Christmas though some people will still come through the new year.  You can adjust your staff accordingly.

Need some ideas what you can do?

Celebrate with Lights!

Winterland provided and assembled the festoon lighting over the road for this welcoming festivity of the battle ship USS Iowa. They are T50, LED lamps spaced 24 inch on center and warm white in color.

Christmas Visions

Winterland and Christmas Visions builds drive through light parks. We can handle everything from religious displays to unusualy sponsorship ideas.

Animated Elves

If elves are good enough to make all the toys for Santa, they\’re surely good enough to bring life to your Christmas display. Winterland is the leader in creating great displays for just about any locations.

Celebration of Lights

You want to create a drive through light park for your community but have no idea how to get the merchants involved? Winterland is the leader in creating light parks.

Gift of Lights

You want to create a drive through light park for your community but have no idea how to get the merchants involved? Winterland is the leader.

Tell a Story!

Tell a story! They\’ll remember it and tell others they have to see it. This is a simple story about the night before Christmas told with the help of Winterland lighted design pieces. We can create a custom story for you!

Light Tunnel

Want to draw people to your downtown area during the prime shopping season? Think animated light tunnel! Winterland has installed more of these light tunnels using LED based lights than anyone.

Christmas Extravaganza

Think Christmas extravaganza! Winterland helped Panama City Beach use efficient LED based lights to create a remarkable destination for those wanting to get in the holiday spirit.

Religious Themes

Winterland has a wide assortment of design elements for drive through light parks that will remind everyone what the season is all about.

Light Park Advertisement

We keep telling you Winterland has been doing drive through light parks for decades. We can even do TV commercials to advertise yours.

Drive-Through Parking Lot

Got a big parking lot sitting idle during the holidays? Winterland can fix that!

Giant Peacocks?

Winterland also does light park walk throughs for zoos. Here is one of our giant animated peacocks in action.

Winterland Light Parks

Light parks during the holidays are what lifelong memories are made from. Winterland has been creating family traditions for over two decades. Here is just a little bit of proof.

Christmas and Baseball

Winterland decorated a baseball stadium and people came from all over the state just to watch the show. Got a baseball venue sitting idle during the holiday season?

That is a Big Tree!

It is definitely a monster at 145 feet. Winterland was instrumental in lighting the largest Christmas tree in the world at the time.

What a Show!

We took the grandstands of a race track and transformed them into a dazzling light show people constantly talked about. Can we do the same for you? Just ask!

Reindeer Arch

Drive through our reindeer arch and listen to the kids marvel how a North Pole reindeer is jumping over them.

Winterland and Carolina Christmas

Don’t limit your creativity. Winterland helped a NASCAR racetrack create a dazzling entrance sign that prepped the crowds for something special while at the same time guaranteeing the guests would come back to see everything again.

Is there more to know?  We’ve only scratched the surface.  Let Winterland help you be successful.

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