These pieces are not something that stands 8' tall and made of polyresin, wood, or another rigid material. No, these pieces do not light up, and are not meant to be used exclusively outside. These pieces are a rare combination of practicality, beauty, and quality. They are throws, blanket like pieces that are fully functional and usable. These pieces are elegant and beautiful in every way, but the fact that they are usable sets them apart from anything else. What else could be more comfortable than curling up with the fur like throws from Ditz design? Winterland Inc. is proud to offer these throws, and the many designs that adorn the throws. From faux fur imitating a chinchilla, to a black bear throw, that are as soft as you can find! Just because they can be used doesn't mean they like decorative appeal! The throws can be used to accent a couch or a chair, or can be placed on other pieces of furniture to give a new look to any place that you put the throw!


The throws are very large, and can cover a good amount of space if expanded to its fullest capability. The throws measure 50"x60" and 60"x72". Coming in 11 different styles, there is sure to be a throw that will capture your heart! Made from the same high quality materials that every Ditz product is constructed of, and offered by Winterland Inc. the throws are a great accessory for any room. Even if you choose to never use the throw, it will always look gorgeous and have the ability to be functional! So find your style, and let it warm your heart and the room it is in!



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