WL-DEER-72-FEMALE.jpgOne of the most iconic parts of Christmas is the reindeer. From the lore of Reindeer flying, to the actuality of thousands of reindeer migrating in enormous herds. Reindeer are a staple of the Christmas season, from fiction to non-fiction. At Winterland Inc. our Life Like Statues exemplify the Reindeer! Our Reindeer are pretty clumsy little guys and gals. They're constantly being pulled at or ridden by at least one elf, and sometimes ridden by 3 elves. The Reindeer are constantly up to something! From different roles to different poses, there is a Reindeer for whatever you are looking for! There is even a Reindeer being ridden by Jolly ol' Saint Nick! Yes, there is even Santa Clause riding a Reindeer!

WL-DEER-60-BEG.JPG wl-deer-60_2.jpg WL-DEER-55.jpgWL-DEER-60.jpg


The polyresin statues range in sizes, from something you can fit on your desk, to 6' tall! The variety is vast, and they are all made of quality materials. Each Life Like Statue is made of polyresin, a tough plastic like material that can withstand both the weather, and the wear and tear that comes over the years. The statues are all UV rated for indoor as well as outdoor use! The Reindeer can be displayed in a home or office, or outside as décor. No matter where you need these statues to go, they will go. The miniature polyresin statues are 12" tall, and the largest are 72" or 6'. The broad range of different Reindeer, and their various sizes makes it easy for you to find the perfect Reindeer piece for your décor! And if these Reindeer are anything, they are a fun, conversation starting, piece of décor that will lighten any room with Christmas cheer!


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