Sometimes Christmas decorations are specific. Santa Clause, Reindeer, Nutcrackers, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes something is a beautiful decoration piece, but it isn’t big enough to have its own category. That is where Christmas Extras comes in. These pieces are equally as amazing and beautiful as any of our other pieces, it just is a smaller collection.


This collection included many of people favorite parts of the holiday season. Our beautiful penguins are a great way to celebrate the holidays, but also winter! Who doesn’t love Penguins? They’re our cute from Antarctica! Penguins are an interesting bird. Birds bones are hollow so that they can fly. Penguins therefore have hollow bones, but they use their hollow bones for swimming not for flying. Penguins are exceptional swimmers, and are magical animals. During the harsh winter that the Penguins face, the male penguins do something very interesting. While the females leave to hunt, the males guard the eggs of their mate. The male penguins will place the eggs on the ground and position themselves around the egg to keep the egg safe. The males do not leave the eggs, and will forgo eating to keep their eggs safe and warm. Penguins are almost entirely found in Antarctica. Though we love Christmas here at Winterland Inc. penguins are not inhabitants of the North Pole. Penguins have become a large part of pop culture, especially in movies. There have been several movies that have been directly, or indirectly, about penguins in the past decade. America has fallen in love with the furry little birds, and Winterland has them included in our Christmas Extras!

WL-LIFE-SLEIGH.jpgWe also have things like a full size sleigh! The sleigh is 100% made in the USA and uses a strong steel frame, and boat leather so that the sleigh can hold weight, as well as be water and weather proof! There is a golden reindeer, elves, and for those of you who prefer moose over reindeer, we even have a friendly moose! Each of the statues are made of polyresin and are UV rated for indoor or outdoor use! The North Pole is full of surprises, and the North Pole Extras are the perfect surprise for anyone decorating during the holiday season!





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