At the heart of Christmas, there is one event that sparked an intercontinental phenomenon known as Christianity. Christianity is based around the belief in Jesus Christ. Jesus' birth is why we celebrate Christmas. Without Jesus there is no Christmas. For those seeking to celebrate Christmas by celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Winterland Inc. has beautiful Nativity scenes for anyone looking to adorn their home or office with these wonderful decorations. The detail in the Nativity scenes are exceptional, truly honoring the renown tradition of Jesus' lowly birth at the manger. Whether you are seeking an ornate smaller nativity for the home, or something larger from 38" to 48". The pieces come in a variety of different styles, and with all the specific attention given to the details of the Nativity, we are sure you will fall I love with them! Most of the sets include just Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, but extra sets can be purchased to include more of the people, and animals that make up the Nativity Scene. A unique part of our collection is the realness that goes into some of the sets. Actual frankincense, myrrh, and gold can be purchased in one of the smaller sets, to make the Nativity as realistic as possible!. All of the Nativities are made of polyresin, a strong, durable material that will last season after season.



The Nativities are UV rated for both indoor as well as outdoor use. We also include wood Nativity scenes for those looking to get away from the polyresin side! Don't miss out on our Nativity silhouette displays either! Celebrate the birth of Jesus and the reason we are even able to celebrate Christmas, with the Nativity scene's in Winterland Inc's Life Like Statue collection!


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