WL-ELF-BOY.jpgDuring the Christmas season, one character stands above the rest: Santa Clause. What people don't look at though is that Santa couldn't be the King of Christmas without his little helpers. Santa's Elves. The Elves work all day 364 days of the year, all in preparation for Christmas Eve and the Christmas season. Without the Elves, what would be accomplished? Though Santa's Elves are very busy, they still take time to enjoy all that life has to do! All the Elves must stay in good physical shape, so what better way to exercise on the North Pole, than to do some Cross-Country Skiing! With the vastness of the North Pole the Elves can explore and exercise during their spare time! One of the big jobs that Elves must do to ensure a successful Christmas season, is check Santa's list! The Elves are responsible for making sure that all the naughty children are labeled naughty and all the nice children labeled nice. What is a Christmas present without wrapping paper? Who is responsible for the wrapping of all the presents in Santa's bag? You guessed it! The Elves! Christmas would not be what it is and would not run as smoothly as it does without the help of Santa Clause's Elves! All the actions of the Elves, and all their hard work and all of their free time are all part of the Christmas spirit and lore! Winterland Inc. is happy to have Elves in our Life Like Statues.




Each statue is made of polyresin and is UV coated for indoor and outdoor use! The Elves are doing a variety of things such as riding reindeer, holding presents, or fiddling around trying to move a reindeer! Lovable, fun, and full of holiday cheer, the Elves are perfect for decorating during the Holiday Season!

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