Seats of honor have always been a source of our imaginations. Kings, and Queens. Emperors and empresses. Now for the modern amusement and joy of many, Winterland Inc. brings its own throne for everyone. Our thrones are a little different than the grandiose thrones of old. Think of the throne that Santa Clause would sit in, not of the one from the Kings of old. Our thrones are fun, happy, and the perfect piece to draw attention and gather people to take many pictures. Everyone will want to take a picture in a pig, or cow bench. One would find it hard to not want to grace the presence of a Santa bench with a life size Santa sitting on it. It is nearly impossible not to want to sit on the beautiful, detail oriented throne of Santa. All these pieces are wonderful additions to any décor, and will only increase the photogenic ability of any home or business. No matter if you are decorating your home or your business, the chairs, thrones, and benches offered by Winterland Inc. are crowd favorite decorations, that are fun for the whole family. Want to use the thrones, chairs, and benches as a photo op? Go for it! Many others use the pieces strictly for photo ops, just like many choose to use the pieces for décor! They are great for social media and will be the rave of many! Whatever your purpose is for using the chairs, thrones, and benches, we are sure that they will meet your needs!


The pieces are constructed of polyresin, and are extremely durable! They are UV rated for indoor as well as outdoor use! Mixed with the vibrant colors that the pieces are created it, they will be gorgeous displays for many years! Grace yourself in the presence of the throne, but no King or Princess throne, the throne of Santa Clause!


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