WL-CNDYTR-7B.JPGCandy is often used in coordination with the Christmas season. From special types of candy manufactured only during the holiday season to the Christmas candies that are made by family members every year. There is a huge variety of candy, and it all has a place in our hearts because of the roll it has in our society. Candy can be a reward for good behavior for young children. Candy can be a pick-me-up from a long day at work. When someone says "candy" it means something different to each person who eats it. And there is a lot of candy to be eaten. During the Christmas season, there is a certain kind of candy that is especially popular! The swirling red and white candy canes and peppermints! Candy Candies especially only come out during the Christmas season! Candy Canes first appeared in the 17th century, but didn't come to the United States in the way we know them until 1900. They are a staple of Christmas, and part of every child's favorite Christmas candy.

WL-GMDROP-OR.jpgDuring World War II, many American's were overseas fighting the Axis powers. A food source that was included in their military rations was chocolate candy. Each ration had a bar of chocolate, and there was even a special chocolate bar that would withstand the heat of the Pacific front. As you can see candy plays a significant role in the society that we live in. Taking the love and affection that we have for candy into account, Winterland Inc. wants to celebrate candy in holiday spirit. Life Sized candy pieces are here for you to use in your décor! Whether they are the spotlight or just an accent, the pieces will look beautiful regardless! They are each made of polyresin and are UV coated for indoor as well as outdoor use. Everyone loves candy, and now you can use that love for candy in your Christmas décor!Resins.png


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