All throughout the world, in the wild, there is one animal who captures our attention for so many reasons. The bear. There are countless types of bears in the world, and here in the United States we have tons of bears! In the United States there are three main types of bears: brown bears, black bears, and polar bears. Of the three the black bear is by far the most common, as it is all throughout the Appalachian Mountains, and even inhabits parts of Florida. Colorado and the surrounding area is most commonly known as "Bear Country" as it included black and brown bears. The brown bear includes the Grizzly Bear, and the Kodiak Bear. Genetically the polar bear is the largest bear, even though it is the least populous bear in the U.S. only residing in a small part of Alaska. The more common Kodiak bear is found all throughout Alaska. Bears capture our imagination in many ways, from the children's stories about them, to cartoons and movie all about bears. Even sports teams are named after bears and their offspring. Because bears are so popular Winterland Inc. wanted to incorporate bears into our Christmas décor.

WL-76002-DZ.jpgNot only do we have bear décor, but our bear décor is BIG! Our 8' bears are large enough for two people to sit on, and is sure to turn heads! Our large bears are made of polyresin, and are UV coated for indoor as well as outdoor use. The bears come in three different styles, black bear, brown bear, and polar bear. They are a beautiful way to spruce up any area, and add a unique piece of décor to your home or business, that can be changed from season to season. Add any decorations you want to the bear to make it a Christmas bear, an Easter bear, or for any other holiday or season! These bears are big, unique, and ready to be displayed wherever you can think of!







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