Blended Garlands

Blended garland is a piece of decor that you can only get through Winterland Inc. We are the only company to offer this type of garland style. It is made from 4 different types of pine tips: Douglas pine, Sequoia pine, fir, and long needle pine. Garlands are a piece of decoration that everyone has seen, or used no matter the location! People hang them on doors, on windows, and in every nook and cranny that garlands can be displayed. From large ornate garlands stretching many feet, decorated in a variety of colors and lights that illuminate the setting that are advertised in, to smaller more simple garlands, with nothing to prove but everything to resemble.

Decorate your home or office with the very best garlands at Winterland Inc. Our garlands are flame retardant and are UV coated for indoor and outdoor use and application. These garlands will handle anything that Mother Nature or a mother of 3 can throw at them. The blended garland comes in 9' section and has 280 tips on it. The width of the garland is 14" and can be adjusted for a smaller width. The blended garland is the perfect decoration to display, and can only be found at Winterland Inc.

Don't settle for a lesser quality garland that doesn't have the quality of material, strength, and the design style of our garland. Our garlands are head and shoulder above any store bought garland. The design team here at Winterland Inc. has hundreds of color combinations and styles that you can choose from something simpler to something extravagant. Whatever you want, we can provide.

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