Ball Wreaths

Ball wreathes are a great way to hang up a wreath anywhere , but allow you to not have a traditional wreath that is made of pine tips! They are made from differently colored ornament balls and tinsel, all coming together to create a wreath! These pieces are the perfect alternative to a traditional wreath, without surrendering the idea of decorating with a beautiful wreath. Our Ornament Ball Wreaths start at 16" and range up to 45". We are able to custom design these as well if you are looking for a larger size.

The 16" Ball Wreaths are great if you are looking to have an ornament wreath that is also lit with LED lights. All of our 16" wreaths come with Pure White LED 5MM lights that are on clear wire. These really make a great accent for a coffee table in the living where you are able to lay the wreath around a floral arrangement to give an extra layer of textures and design

Another great part about the Ball wreaths is that here at Winterland we have the ornament ball wreath to go with almost all color pallets as well as for all seasons. Wreaths are not just for Christmas any longer. With our ball wreaths you are now able to decorate any area year round.

Winterland Inc. takes great pride in offering the Ball Wreathes, in all their glory of color and style. Don't forget the love and wonder of a wreath just because you do not want a traditional wreath, because Winterland Inc. has the perfect solution with the Ball Wreaths!

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