While there are many amazing displays that can be built with standard single-color lighting strands, many of our customers have been able to deliver highly sophisticated lighting effects and an entirely unique lighting display experience with our new RGB products. Precise Effects: RGB products are controlled at the individual LED level such that the lights on a strand operate in an independent fashion. Our standard controllers deliver effects on entire single color light strands at the same time. Expanded Colors: RGB products can display virtually any color imaginable. Standard controllers can only deliver the colors of the lights on the strand which are typically white.


RGB products contain red, green and blue LED's. Blue and green combine to produce turquoise. Green and red combine to produce yellow. Red and blue combine to make violet. Red, blue and green combine to make white. There are literally more than 16,000,000 possibilities with the more sophisticated controllers. Some RGB products, like our simple and easy to use color changing LED light bulb, do not require a controller. You use the remote control instead.


When you use RGB Color Changing LED Lights, you no longer have to decide which color to use. You can either allow the lights to cycle through a continuous color changing pattern, or stop the controller at any time you please! RGB lighting is an excellent way to decorate! Through different effects, and different movement of lights RGBs are able to project their magic onto anyone that sees them! We are proud to offer this Christmas lights option, and we know you will love it too!



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