People all over America reminisce the days of putting up Christmas lights around their home. The job of hanging lights is a tedious one, however with Winterland, Inc. it doesn't have to be as hard! Previously, only incandescent lights were available and they were not the easiest to work with, but with our retro-fit LED lights, decorating just got a whole lot easier! Don't forget the benefits of going to LED lights are countless! Here are 10 reasons to go LED!

  1. They have a 200,000 hour life; roughly 23 years of Holiday lights.
  2. 1/10th of the consumption than that of incandescent lights.
  3. The lights are 100% recyclable when their life is over.
  4. The LED lights never fade! The color of the bulb is in the lens itself, not the bulb.
  5. The lens is made of a polymer plastic seal system, rather than glass, which breaks and is dangerous.
  6. The LED lights are completely water proof.
  7. There is no heat emitted, perfect for being around small children or foliage.
  8. Sealed systems prevent people from pulling out the lamps.
  9. The one light system, if one light goes out the rest will continue to shine.
  10. The colors are the most vibrant in the Pantone chart!





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Ice Tubes Snowfall Tubes

There are many more reasons that LEDs are the best way to decorate! Another great aspect about our Retrofit LED's is the versatility. The sizes are C7, C9, G30, G40, G50, T50, F50, and various different kinds of specialty bulbs! Each bulb size determines its size, and the bulb shape! There are many different types of bases, or sockets, but now there is only 1 type of bulb to use! And that is Winterland, Inc.'s retro-fit LED bulb! There are many different kinds of bulbs to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: the LED retrofits are quality lights that will be perfect in your Christmas d├ęcor!

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