Winterland stocks the latest in LED illumination technology. Our home and office LED Lamps are engineered around three primary LED multi-chip chip on board modules. As the manufacturer and packager of these LED modules we can ensure unparalleled consistency between each lamp series and between production runs providing a sustainable supply chain. Our lights use our multichip chip on board module pump with an isolated phosphor pad which stimulates emission of white photons; in essence making the large phosphor pad the emitter. This technology and process virtually eliminates the harsh nature of other LED Lamps which are comprised of clusters of LEDs or lensed LEDs and creates a look more like incandescent or traditional lamps. By removing the organic phosphors away from the heat source (junction gap) phosphors maintain their integrity longer; thus providing greater stability over time.

What does this mean for you? Our LEDs have higher efficiency, enhanced color conversion and enhanced color stability.


Our LED PAR series (to the left) are engineered to deliver the highest amount of lumens with the least amount of consumption. These LED based PARs are direct replacement flood lamps to replace high energy consuming incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent PAR, R, and BR lamps. With a 60-degree center beam and 90-degree power cone this PAR Series delivers more lumens over an area than spot lamps or lensed LED solutions.


Ready to get into the latest generation of lighting? Call us or check out our on-line store. We are going green with the use of LEDS our string lights are rated for up to 100,000 hours of use and feature brilliant color, exceptional durability and energy savings up to 90% over traditional incandescent lights.

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