We think about big things a lot here at Winterland Inc. Big 3D Light figures of Animals, big light shows that attract thousands of people, and the world's largest lit ornament that is to be hung in the Guinness World Records building in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. So it is fitting that we have big oversized ornaments available for sale! From 24" to 110" in height, our oversized ornaments are a sight for sore eyes! What better way to complete a look than with one of our oversized ornaments! There are between 60 and 70 different oversized ornaments all with different finishes, sizes, and colors that are all in stock! Some of the best features about the ornaments is their versatility. Not only are they perfect for any design set, they are UV coated for indoor and outdoor use, each ornament is also shatter-proof! The durability and toughness of the ornaments are just as amazing as the colorful designs that are incorporated onto each and every oversized ornament. Because of the large size of each ornament, a special feature has been utilized for the oversized ornaments. The feature is called "KD" an acronym for Knock Down. This simply means that each ornament can be disassembled and "knocked down" for the ease of storage. Each ornament can be shown by itself or inserted into a plethora of different atmospheres. There are so many different styles of oversized ornaments that there is at least one for any setting that might be created. The sanguine reds meshing with the silky whites make the perfect Christmas candy ornament to hang from any fixture. Let the cool blue add an arctic flare to your decor. No matter what you have in your decorations in the Christmas season, or any other season, Winterland Inc. has the oversized ornaments that will exceed your wildest dreams! Each style, size, and color can be bought in number that you need!











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