Animation for Commercial Projects

Magical Animation

Want to bring some WOW to your venue?  Think about adding some animation to your holiday project.  Winterland specializes in commercial décor projects.  We have products from lights to music as well as simple animation displays like reindeer jumping over the road, teddy bears having a snowball fight, or animated snowflakes on the side of buildings.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  We’re thinking a video is worth a bazillion.  Winterland can synchronize your lights to the music and create a custom animation that will set your company apart from everyone else and make a bunch of boring lights turn into a dazzling Christmas experience, filled with animation and eye catching designs to keep the whole family entertained!

We make it look easy but rest assured it is far from easy.  Years of trial and error, finding the right vendors and making sure just the right kind of lights are used with the proper music can make all the difference between an average show and an over-the-top experience.  Winterland has worked on this for the last 10 years to make sure we are bringing  top quality products to the customers.  Our highly trained staff can help show you how to turn any building front into an animation work of art.

Want a full-blown animation production?  Talk to us and we’ll produce magical animation made just for your business.  We can make music-synchronized displays  with lots of animation and special features customized for however large or small your project is.

Animation on Michagin 1st Bank

Commercial animation on the side of the bank.

Ready to bring a new tradition to your community and make millions of lifelong memories for so many others.  Contact Winterland today to see what magical animation can be created for your area and business!